super pack 20 Mx-Sensor+Maxi TPMS TS508WF Gratuit

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20 Mx-Sensor + 🎁Maxi TPMS TS508WF Gratuit



An easy to use and cost effective necessity for any shop performing TPMS repairs, the Autel 1-SKU sensor inventory solution with 99% vehicle coverage eliminates the need for distributors to carry the hundreds of sensors to fulfill shop orders. On the shop level, needing only 1-Sensor to service nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle means lower repair cost and higher install efficiency.



The patented press release valve design allows interchangeable rubber and metal valves to be easily replaced in the same sensor head by hand, with no valve fitting tool required. Simply click in and press out. Installing TPMS sensors has never been so easy.


The extraordinary sensor signal strength allows AUTEL 1-Sensor to be easily programmed wirelessly even when the sensors have already been mounted to the wheel. And with strong signal strength, now up to 16 sensors can be programmed in one session with AUTEL latest TPMS tools. AUTEL MX-Sensor is 100% clone-able. No relearn is required when the MX-Sensor is cloned with the original sensor ID and put in the same position.


With the highest quality materials and advanced TPMS technology, AUTEL 1-Sensor provides superior battery life and reliability, to match OE sensor battery performance. The 1-Sensor body weighs only 12g, making it significantly lighter than most sensors in the market, which ensures better sensor stability and performance.


AUTEL high-quality MX-Sensor is tested and certified to meet SAE industry standard J1205 / J1206 testing. AUTEL guarantees MX-Sensor are free from manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever option comes first. Each Autel MX-Sensor has a series number for assuring quality control. The series number is imprinted on the sensor or can be read with Autel TPMS tools. With the series number, Autel can track the sensor quality from our factory manufacturing to ensure only the highest quality parts are installed.





Autel MAXI TPMS TS508WF features Quick and Advance modes of TPMS service and a TPMS status screen. It can read/activate/relearn all known sensors, has 4 methods of MX-Sensor programming, and performs placard value resets on supported vehicles. With built-in original factory level tire pressure learning method, Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF can diagnose the tire pressure system, including code reading and clearing, etc, and read real-time tire pressure data, including tire pressure, temperature, battery status, etc

New Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool with WI-FI Updates is a new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors

Autel Maxi TPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool with WI-FI Updates Highlights:

1. Lifetime Free Update Online
2. Support Wi-Fi Connection
3. With Quick Mode and Advanced Mode

* TPMS Quick Mode: Basic TPMS Functions to check TPMS sensors and program MX-Sensors quickly;
* TPMS Advanced Mode: Complete TPMS Functions to perform sensor check, TPMS diagnose, MX-Sensor program and sensor position relearn.


1. No Sensors In This Package, You Need to Buy Autel MX-Sensors Seprately
2. Can Only Support Autel MX-Sensors. Other brands’ sensors can not be supported
3. Can Not Support Key Programming. If you need for key programming, Please check Autel MaxiIM Series Tools

Autel Maxi TPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool with WI-FI Updates Features:

  1. Quick Mode & Advanced Mode Options
  2. Read/Activate/Relearn All Known Sensors
  3. Detect & Display TPMS System Faults
  4. Display Vehicle-Specific Relearn Procedures; Perform OBDII Relearns
  5. Placard Value Reset on Supported Vehicles
  6. Update software directly from tool-enabled Wi-Fi
  7. 4 Programming Options: MX-Sensors Only
  8. TPMS System Status Screen
  9. Display Sensor ID, Battery Life (on supported sensors) and Psi
  10. 2.3″ Color Display 320×240
  11. 3200mAh Lithium-polymer Battery

New Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 Device TPMS diagnostic & service tool TPMS tool that offers the option to choose one of two service modes from the home screen.


The TS508WF provides two methods for updating: Update by Wi-Fi and Update by USB. The two methods bring customers faster and more convenient updating experience, disencumbering the worries that update must be done with computer. From now on, you only need to be in a Wi-Fi environment.

Autel Maxi TPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool with WI-FI Updates Functions:

The TS508WF is a new generation complete TPMS tool that offers the option to choose one of two service modes from the home screen, to provide faster and smarter TPMS repairs. Based on the TPMS service type needed, the option to choose the basic Quick Mode or the complete Advanced Mode will decrease repair time.

* TPMS Quick Mode:
basic TPMS functions to check TPMS sensors and program MX-Sensors quickly;
* TPMS Advanced Mode:
complete TPMS functions to perform sensor check , TPMS diagnose, MX-Sensor program and sensor position relearn.

2. MaxiTPMS TS508WF 4 Modes to Program Autel MX-Sensors
Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF Wifi TPMS Programming Tool can program all Autel MX-sensors, both 315MHz and 433MHz to replace the broken sensors. TS508WF comes with 4 modes to program Autel MX-sensors:

1) Copy By Activation:Requires activate the original sensors first.
2) Copy By Manual Input:You can manually input the original ID.
3) Auto Create 1-16:The sensors makes it possible to program up to 16 sensors simultaneously.
4) Copy By OBD:You should connect OBD cable to retrieve the sensor ID from the ECU.
Note: Autel TS508WF can program Autel MX-sensors only, does NOT program OEM sensors.


3. Three Ways TPMS Sensor Relearn
Autel TS508WF TPMS Relearn Tool can relearn all known sensors (both OEM and aftermarket) on TPMS enabled vehicles (American, European and Asian) to the vehicle’s ECU. It can perform 3 ways of TPMS sensors relearning:

* Stationary Relearn: Requires the vehicle be placed in the “Learn Mode”.
* Automatic Relearn: For some vehicles, can be completed by driving.
* OBD Relearn: Directly writes TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module via the OBD connector.

4. Activate/Reset All Known TPMS Sensors & Read/Clear TPMS DTCs
TPMS Status Screen is Also Excellent, main Feature also Reflects 4 points:

* Read ECU sensor ID;
* Check sensor ID and ECU ID matching condition;
* Read DTCs from ECU and erase DTCs;
* View DTCs detail description.

Activate/ Reset All Known TPMS Sensors
Autel TS508WF has TPMS diagnose function. It is used to find out TPMS related problems. You can check sensor-related problems, deflation in the tires and the rotation of wheels.

Read/Clear TPMS DTCs
TS508WF can read or clear TPMS DTCs,on-screen DTC description to perform DTC Lookup. It can help you find out problems with TPMS system faster.

Autel Maxi TPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool with WI-FI Updates Package List:

  1. 1x MaxiTPMS TS508WF TPMS Tool
  2. 1x OBD II Cable
  3. 1x USB Cable
  4. 1x Nylon Carrying Case
  5. 1 x Quick Guide


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