Autel XP400 PRO

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Autel XP400 PRO
Advanced all-in-one key programmer. Reads/writes and learns keys. Compatible with IM508/IM608. Supports 3,000+ chip types.

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Autel XP400 Pro Key & Chip Programmer – Advanced All-in-One Key Programming Solution

Looking for a comprehensive solution to program keys for a wide range of vehicles? The Autel XP400 Pro Key & Chip Programmer is the ultimate solution for professional locksmiths and auto technicians. With its advanced features, you can easily read/write and learn the keys to the vehicle. Here are some of the key features of this versatile tool:

Section 1: Compatible with IM508 and IM608 – Versatile Key Programming Capability

you can work with IM508 and IM608, making it compatible with a wide range of vehicle models. This feature allows you to program keys for different brands and models such as Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Fiat, Renault, Landrover, Jaguar, Volvo, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki. Say goodbye to carrying multiple tools for different brands, and enjoy a hassle-free experience with this all-in-one key programming solution.

Section 2: Infrared Keys for Mercedes and IC Chip Keys for Late Model Hyundai KIA

The Autel XP400 Pro

enables the programming of infrared keys for Mercedes vehicles and IC Chip keys on late-model Hyundai KIA vehicles. This feature makes it easier for you to work on these specific vehicles without the need for additional tools.  you save time and money and improve your overall efficiency.

Section 3: EEPROM-Data Functions for European Vehicles

The XP400 also performs EEPROM-data functions needed for European vehicles. you can easily read/write and learn the keys to European vehicles. This feature includes support for 3,000 plus chip types such as EEPROM, engine ECU, MCU, and IMMO ECU. The tool is easy to use, and the stability of key read/write, chip read/write, and IR key read/write is greatly enhanced.

  • Advanced All-in-One Key Programming Solution
  • Unlock the Full Potential of Your Vehicle with Autel XP400 Pro Key & Chip Programmer
  • The Ultimate Solution for Professional Locksmiths and Auto Technicians
  • Enjoy Hassle-Free Key Programming

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  • Autel XP400
  • IM508 and IM608
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