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Become an Expert in Automobile Key Programming: 2 Professional Training Courses for Multi-Brand Key Programming and FBS Coding Mercedes

Are you interested in becoming an expert in programming automobile keys for multiple brands, or mastering FBS Coding Mercedes? Have you spent hours searching for information but still can’t find what you’re looking for? Look no further – we have the solution for you! Our professional training courses are designed to provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in automobile key programming.

Course Overview
Our courses cover a range of topics, including:

Principles of Anti-Theft System
Understanding the principles of anti-theft systems is essential for automobile key programming. Our courses cover the basics of anti-theft systems, including how they work and how to program keys using OBD, Cloning, or dump files.

Key Programming
Our courses cover a range of key programming techniques, including cloning transponders, programming remote controls, and even programming keyless entry systems.

FBS Coding Mercedes
Our FBS Coding Mercedes course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about this sophisticated system. You’ll learn how FBS coding works and the principles behind it, as well as the different types of keys, EZS, and ELV programming.

Benefits of Our Training Courses
By enrolling in our courses, you’ll gain a variety of benefits, including:

Advanced Knowledge and Skills
Our courses are designed to give you advanced knowledge and skills in automobile key programming, so you can confidently tackle any programming task.

Hands-On Experience
Our courses are practical and hands-on, so you’ll get to work with real vehicles and learn from experienced instructors.

Career Advancement
By mastering automobile key programming, you’ll open up new career opportunities and increase your earning potential.

Contact Us for More Information
If you’re interested in our professional training courses, contact us today for more information. We look forward to helping you become an expert in automobile key programming!


  1. What types of vehicles are covered in the course?
    Our courses cover programming for a range of multi-brand vehicles as well as FBS Coding for Mercedes.
  2. What kind of experience do I need to enroll in the courses?
    We recommend having some basic knowledge and experience in automobile key programming, but our courses are designed to accommodate students at all levels.
  3. What kind of equipment will I need for the courses?
    We provide all the necessary equipment and materials for the courses, so you don’t need to bring anything with you.
  4. How long does each course last?
    Each course is 3 days long.
  5. Will I receive a certificate upon completing the courses?
    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the courses.
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